From This Moment On

You’re all I think about, day in and day out.
No matter where I am, my mind falls back over and over onto you.
Still as it was back then, only now my heart wants even more.
Together, forever, this time, it doesn’t matter what we’ve been through.

Souls only fate a connection, once in a lifetime, the way ours once happened.
Searching endlessly to find my way back into you, where I belong.
Everything about you, I crave like an addiction, where the depths of me need to have you.
Withdrawal from us is making every moment unbearable, for without you I’m not strong.

You tempt my aching bones and tease my heart, til I’m ravishing for your taste.
You keep me dancing, dangling, waiting on the line, for your hook to reel me back in.
Can’t you see how painful it is to love you so deep to the core the way I do?
Dive in headfirst with me, I’ll catch you if you fall and whisper in your ear sweet lovin’.

You’ll see then I’m real, everything you needed right here in front of you all along.
Happy, content, soulmates living both of our dreams, never again blue.
What can we lose after all this time spent apart and longing for one another?
Take the chance & renew with me the love that’s survived such time and stayed so true.

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