Liebster Award: Special Edition of Getting To Know The Angrivated Mom

  So, I’m like totally in awe over here that Jenny from The Bearded J’s would even think of nominating me… even if it’s Miss Popular’s second time being nominated herself! She’s VERY well deserving of her accolades though. I have to say that she inspires me to keep pushing at this blogging thing no matter how angrivating it can be too figure out how to work all this internet & app crap. How she effortlessly keeps the entertainment rolling continuously on her FB page, while giving us the reading pleasure of her personal feelings in her blogs, taking care of three kids, and a maintaining the chaos of her house, is way beyond my comprehension. Jenny is all that awesome-sauce with a bag o’ chips & I can’t thank her enough for the kindness she has shown this newbie!


This award makes me feel so relieved & happy that I took some large leaps of faith & found my way back into writing, despite the disruption to the routine I had spent several years perfecting. It’s the best therapy I’ve ever had in my life, & I’ve tried a lot of different therapeutic techniques to cope, but I always come back to the stroke of a pen for release. The only way for my thoughts & feelings to be understandably communicated is by writing. No matter how hard I try, the words that so easily fly from my thoughts into print never form on my tongue to come out as spoken words. It’s impossible. Meet me in real life & you’ll probably never believe that the babbling idiot in front of you is the same person who expresses herself with ease in writing.
So now that I’ve managed some sort of introduction, here without further adieu is a Special Edition version of Getting to Know The Angrivated Mom for The Liebster Award!


1. What’s the most important lesson you wish to teach your children?
   If there’s just one thing at all, it would be to always maintain independence. I don’t want them to ever have to depend on anyone else for anything necessary to live a happy life. Financially, emotionally, socially, or any other way. They need to be able to love & trust themselves & always do what it takes to carry on. Not that it’s not okay to ask for a little help when you need it, we all get by with a little help from our friends, but I don’t want them to NEED someone in order to feel able, competent, worthy, or driven to succeed. I want them to learn that each one of them has ALL that they need inside of them & everyone else is just a bonus so they don’t end up like me.

2. You walk into a bar, what’s the first thing you do?
  Hmmmm… this is a tough one. I haven’t been in a bar since I met the hubs eight years ago. Back before  the laws changed, banning smoking inside establishments. Fuckers. My answer would be to lite a cigarette & scan the bar for avoidable people. Now that I can’t lite a smoke inside, I’m not sure. Drinkings no fun for me unless I can chain smoke, lol.

3. You win an all expense paid vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go & who would you take?
  At this very moment in my life, a dream vacation would be anywhere where my kids aren’t. Anywhere. Even a dingy motel in the middle of the nowhere. Just as long as my kids aren’t anywhere nearby. And the hubs too, I could use a nice break from getting humped from behind as I do the dishes or getting my boobs grabbed every time I walk past him. Jenny, pack your bags girl, I got no one else I like enough in my real life to withstand for any amount of time alone, so you’re my lucky winner & I’ll even let YOU pick our destination! Just get me the fuck outta here NOW!

I’m waiting…..

4. How did you come up with the idea of blogging?
    If you don’t know what blogging is then you’re a real dummy.
  Long ago, I wished I could share my writing with the world, so it was only a natural procession to make my way into the blog world. Like everyone else & their mother these days. When I started my FB page in the beginning, it was more as a means of an outlet to the burn out & stress I was feeling about being a sahm for so long without a support group. No mom should EVER have to go at it alone, whether they’re single, married, or with a partner of sorts. Everyone deserves someone
they can at least call when shit gets real. Tried & failed many times as I have, I got sick of having no one in my corner but the hubs & I’ve always used writing as a source of therapy, so I figured I’d have a go at the social media world & see where it would lead. Technology intimidates me, & I’m not well-off financially, not by a long shot, to own a bunch of internet connecting gizmos & gadgets, so after a lot of thought, I chose to test my waters with a FB page first then I worked up the courage to start my blog.

5. How long have you been blogging?
  Four weeks. Barely. I was really nervous about opening myself up to the world when I had no idea how to use the technology needed to do so. I hate technology & I’ll say it a hundred times over again. I don’t get it just like it doesn’t get me.

6. What do you want on your tombstone (pizza &/or grave)?
  Pizza: I LOVE pizza that’s super doughy & soft. Not too much sauce, or better yet skip the sauce & just brush a little garlic butter over it before topping it. Tons & tons of cheese, please! Black olives, green peppers, light red onion, & bacon is my fave, but I’ll settle for a Broccoli Alfredo pizza or BBQ chicken pizza if you insist I stuff myself & will be paying also.
  Grave: One Heartbeat Shares Two Kindred Souls

7. If you could turn back the hands of time & tell 18yo you one piece of solid advice, what would it be?
  Oh boy. Really. I gotta get into this? Don’t be a slut. Guys love sex but sex does NOT make a guy love you. If you actually keep your legs shut & learn to love yourself for yourself & not the attention you get from guys, you will live happily ever after with self-respect & confidence. Maybe even win that first love of yours back that you never got over.

8. Is there something in life that you have won or done that was so awesome that you want to share it with everyone but it never comes up in coversation?
  Once, back when I was still working at the hospital, we were so poor we couldn’t afford new brakes on my car & kept putting it off & putting it off. I worked about 60 miles away from home & got about half a mile away when my brakes went out completely. Spent my entire twelve hour shift trying to find a ride home, money for a tow or a cab, or anything, but no one cared to help me outta my bind. So what’d I do? Drove home all 60 miles brakeless, slamming my trans down the gears til first, then neutral, then finally into park whenever I needed to stop. And I did it like a BOSS! No one got hurt, no accidents were caused, & I was home safe-n-sound with my babies & a car with a completely trashed transmission on top of no brakes.

9. Tell a funny story about your kids.
  How The Dunce got his nickname:
My hubs decided one Sunday to take the kids for a bike ride all the way down to the main mile road, up it to the next block, then all the way back the mile to our house. Tee was 8, The Dunce was 7, & Bean was 4. Hubs sat them down & explained they were to stay on the sidewalk, not ride ahead, & stay in a single file line. Everything was going fine when they got to the main road. Hubs turns the corner & continues on assuming they’d keep following like ducklings trailing their momma duck. Something caught the hubs eye halfway between the two streets so he looks to his left & there’s The Dunce- riding nonchalantly down the middle lane of the actual road!!! Hubs calls to him saying: “What are you doing, you’re riding in the street, Buddy,” to which he got the reply: “OH… I just didn’t know.” Don’t ask, idk still to this day how anyone could not realize they were riding their bike in a major road, you’d think all those bright yellow lines painted on it would be the first clue! So he was dubbed The Dunce lovingly & has been known as such ever since.

10. Who’s your hero?
  My Grandma Pauline, who’s now an angel above. She is the ULTIMATE Survivor. Grew up poor in Russia. Thrown into a Concentration Camp. Experimented on because she had fair hair & baby blue eyes as a child, until somehow one eye turned gray in color & lost it’s vision permanently. Came out of a gas chamber alive against all there odds. Moved to America as a teenager with what was left of her family & started a whole new life speaking a whole new language. Raised three girls, one of whom is my biological mom, & stayed married for over fifty years! When my mother walked out out my life after divorcing my dad, she went to my father, made amends with him for her daughter’s wrong doings & took a stand to stay in my life. When everyone else had turned their backs to me as a teenager & I could no longer stand to live at home, she took me in with open arms & became the mother I had ALWAYS dreamed of having. Grandma Pauline never complained about not feeling well, not having enough money, not living a fairy tale life. She worked hard until the day she passed away, almost one year ago now. She understood me like no one else ever has or ever will. One of the last gifts, besides those that earned her the bee title of Great-Grandma, I was able to give to her the honor of passing down her name to my firstborn daughter as one of her hyphenated middle names. My grandmother is way more to me than just a hero. She is the definition of inspiration, strength, unconditional love, & to me, perfection.

Welp, folks, that’s ALL the time we’ve got today. Hope you enjoyed this superb version of Getting to Know The Angrivated Mom, part 3! And if you want more rantings from this Angrivated Mom, follow me on FB!

Here are my nominees: (I only have two because I couldn’t find anyone else that hasn’t been nominated a bunch of times already!)
JSack’s Blog
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4. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be & why?

5.  If you could keep any animal in the world for a pet, what would it be?

6. What/who is your favorite band/singer that you listen to when you’re in a bad mood & why does it calm you?

7. If you could give your child(ren) any present you wanted, regardless of cost, annoyance factor, or size, what would you choose?

8. What job did you want to grow up to have as a child?

9. If you could be any published, well-known author, who would you be & why?

10. Do you have a talent or something unique about yourself besides writing?

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  1. Thank you for this incredible honour!!! I’m so touched by your kindness. You’ve made my night, week, month, and year. 😃❤️😃❤️😃🎉🎉🎉🍷❤️


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