Death is silent in my head
No one knows that I am dead
Dancing gracefully in my mind
Remembering the few who were kind
Love was the death, the murder of me
It fooled those who were too blind to see
Slice of a knife and there was no more
Never felt the blood from where the flesh tore
Swallow some pills and fade away with the night
Never felt your body try to give one last fight
Take your last breath as you swing from the nose
Never felt your spine crack, head dangle loose
Suicide, romance, and joyful happiness
Words of opposite that go together nonetheless
I do not remember how I ever died
Just the love that once to me lied
It took away all that I ever thought I had
Left me crumbling all alone, bitter and sad
Death crept up and flew me far away
Now I’m glad that with you I chose not to stay

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