Caged in waiting

Power, control, & rage are the name of your game
Seeking always for ways to put me down with shame
Try as I may to give all that you claim is required
The demands change, so I meet not what you desired
Struggling to find a way to break through your clenching grasp
Can’t find a way to undo the knots of your noose’s clasp
Hold me down, stomp my soul, drown me within your eternal rage
Drag my name through the mud, knock me out, keep me in a cage
Suffering inside myself only feeds the demon within you that hides
Please, anyone, don’t you hear my pleading, begging, battle cries?
Wanting to get away, run until my lungs burn full with freedom
Never again standing in the shadows of your glaring shun
Weighted down day after day, falling short, selling myself out
You’re my self-destruction, endless pain, death of me, no doubt
Killing my spirit that once shone bright to feed your ugly monster
With facades of happily ever after dreams come true, only a lure
Trapped within the lies you promised to my lonely heart so naive
Waiting now, impatiently for some kind of gentle reprieve
Left to ponder over the guilt for those who suffer in this wake
Hoping to find a truly sincere hand reaching out for me to take
Rescuing me from this ceaseless nightmare I fell into with you
Naively believing the fairy-tale painted of love unconditionally true
Hatred has silently replaced the love I once for you had
When the tides recede just right, the courage I’ll have to finally take a stand.

3 thoughts on “Caged in waiting

  1. WoW!!! That’s some powerful writing my sista!!!! Amazing I felt like down deep in the core of my soul. Fantastic blogging. 😃❤️😃❤️😃❤️😃😊😃❤️

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