Exhaustion weighs you down, like an old leather coat,
Worn so bare & thin, bones are peeking through the cracked skin.
Spiral staircase at your feet, beckons for you to come climb up,
Twisting curves with narrow step, lead you to where painful secrets are kept.

Darkened passages, so lost within the depths of this hellish maze,
Shadows unknown eerily follow, closing in all around, prepared to swallow.
Feeding off the pain, hungry for the misery cast from utter self-destruction.
Patiently waiting for the right source, it is powered by an unseen, ungodly force.

Crumbling under the weight, unable to bear the journey any farther,
Falling on skeleton bones, ears ring from the deafening, guttural groans.
Monsters born of suppressing, all that is buried within like treasure,
Sleep is creeping, suffocating in, the battle is no longer one you can ever easily win.

Inside the nightmare, you fall endlessly, always just out of reach,
Dropping your burdened load, giving it up despite what all you were told.
Within that one act of rebellion, a bright light suddenly appears to shine,
Up the staircase & down the darkened hall, an angel comes, & catches your last fall.

Comforting arms pull you with reassuring hands into their safety,
Warming the settled chill, reigniting the flame of survivor’s will.
Set free the secrets out of their box, their curse can cause you no more harm,
Breathe fully unheeded once more, life is awaiting through the newly unlocked door.

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