Inside You

So shy, so quiet, drowning inside the sorrows of yourself,
Worried over nothing, but to you it is seemingly everything,
Feel the eyes that aren’t even on you, staring hard & deep,
Withdrawing inside, too scared to show the world what you bring.

I see you there in the corner, hiding with back against the wall,
Dying to disappear into the crowd that overwhelms, surrounding you.
The misery is painted upon your face, as lips are on an old China doll,
If only your heart would shine confidently with what is so true.

You’re beautiful, a ray of sunshine through the cloudy, blustery days,
You’re talented, full of enthusiasm, bubbling over with laughter,
You’re spirited, a bouncing spitfire full of sass in your comfort zone,
You’re genuine, a compassionate heart soaring high through the rafters.

How can I get you to see there’s nothing in you, you should ever fear,
How can I get you to see the strength & bravery you do possess within,
How can I get you to believe that there is no one more perfect than you,
How can I get you to believe you can do anything flashing that grin?

I want to rip open my heart & give you all this knowledge I hold,
There is no reason good enough, that you should for a second doubt
That you are a precious miracle, a heavenly gift, a beautiful soul,
So perfect you are being you, from top to bottom, inside & out.

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