Lighting the Dark

A vision of clarity, transparent for all eyes to see,
Shadows cast away, rays of light renew the day.
Reflections mirrored, unrecognizable image is errored,
Masks ripped off, revealing what I never sought.

The darkened nooks inside soul, my only hiding place,
Who are you to yank me out, force me to courageously face?
Life, in it’s cruelest glory, the source of all my misery & pain,
Believing that alone I’m too weak to conquer it’s rough terrain.

Perceptions misleading, positive & negative thoughts breeding,
Someone’s treasure, another’s junk by measure.
Destined to soar, never experiencing dreams washed ashore,
Fated to fail, never experiencing dreams afloat setting sail.

One side of the story I could only see in the dark of my heart,
You lit a candle, led me out, & showed how to newly restart.
With a gentle hand to guide me, you pulled me into the light,
And listen as you told the other half, so I could finally get it right.

A false reality, somehow only my eyes could see,
Misconstrued beliefs, ridding of them the greatest of reliefs.
A balance between good & bad, that is the way of the land,
Riding the wave, because you cared enough of me to save.

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