Stuck in this rut, unable to climb out,
Knowing everyone ignores my shouts.
This isn’t the way I thought it to be,
Drowning in the waves of this united sea.
The system fails time & time again,
Leaving you to see they aren’t a friend.
Blood, sweat, & tears are worthless pay, Scrounging to survive yet another day.
Nothing comes easy, over again I hear
It shouldn’t be so hard that living I fear.
No one deserves an endless struggle
Never free of the constant balance & juggle.
One step forward is always ten steps back,
The hand dealt you from a deck stacked.
Ceasing to breathe seems to be the only out
Love conquers all- something I’ve come to doubt.
Desperate for this dark, cursed cloud to lift,
Allowing, once again, to set my dreams adrift.

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