The Beast of Beauty

A reflection of you, your words are like mirror images,
The key to unlocking what really hides inside, deep within.
Manipulated to mask what you are underneath, fooling others,
But I’m not unsuspecting, I can see within your devilish sin.

The way you act, using & abusing your great gift for power,
The way you sing, charming & hypnotic to soothe the sheep.
The way you dance, graceful & fluent so they never catch on,
The way you perform, attacking & wounding us down deep.

Knowing your dark secrets, the blackened soul & ice cold heart,
Renders me captive to you, trapped by threats of self-destruction.
You hold my desires over my head, taking away any leverage,
Tipping my hand to stay along following every instruction.

The way you lie, perfect & polished so well that no one knows,
The way you cheat, easily & unfairly so no one wins but you.
The way you steal, positivity & faith taken from everyone all around,
The way you fool, pretending & showing them a farce of someone true.

The beast inside his den does not wear the same mask the public sees,
Yet he reigns both worlds, or so he believes in his tainted sight.
Warped virtues lead him to rage whenever his ways are challenged,
But I’ve taken measure all along & now I’m ready to stand tall, put up a fight.

5 thoughts on “The Beast of Beauty

  1. You conquer that beast within dear powerful one. With your words, your thoughts, the magic within. Love every spectacular word of this poem. It’s those ones that claw out of your skin searching for a voice, are the ones that need to be written the most. ❤️


    1. Indeed, they always manage to find a way to crawl out of the darkest depths of your mind that you try too hard to keep them locked away in. There’s always a refreshing & rejuvenated feeling that washes over me afterwards, like i lightened my load temporarily. I’m glad you could find a relevance to yourself in my words, it empowers me to want to give you even more! Thanks as always for such kind review! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome darling, your a bery gifted poet. I’m so glad you get to have that release. I feel writing is the best therapy I’ve ever had. Love to you and yours sweetie. 😊💗

        Liked by 1 person

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