Game Over

No matter what it is, you always eagerly turn me away,
Leave me out in the cold, wandering around in dismay.
Whenever you’re in need, I’m the first place you turn to run,
Foolishly I welcome you in, wishing instead I had a gun.
Tables never balance out, when you’re within my safe place,
It’s hard getting mine in return, only then it’s after a chase.
Anytime I try to keep you at bay & lock you out from here,
You threaten, withhold, then right back into your arms I veer.
Despising all that you are, that I ever believed in your lies,
Wishing I hadn’t been deaf & blind, able to see your true size.
Go away, never come back, just leave me to rot away alone,
Your pedestal has been removed, I’ve taken away your throne.
No more bending unless you break right along with me,
I won’t give without taking mine first, listen as I do so decree.
Never should you have ever come first, you only made me weak,
Time to play a game & go hide, but know for you, I’ll never seek.

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