I’m here for you

Lay it on me, my friend, I’ll lend you my ear,
I’ll give you my time- a day, a month, a year.
My heart aches, broken, feeling the same way as is yours,
Come to me now, take my hand, I’ll forever stay the long course.
Cry me a river and I’ll sail on your tears to wipe them away,
Comfort you like the silky edge of a lovie that will never fray.
My dear you’re protected and safe, tucked under my wing,
I promise, regardless, to stay alongside you through anything.
You’re the missing piece of my soul I sought my whole life for,
I’ll lock you in, seal the windows, and board up the old wood door.
Whatever your troubles, wherever you’re stranded,
I’ll keep you grounded, in the dirt with your feet planted.
Weigh your worried head down now, rest awhile with me,
Let me carry your load, so once again you can feel free.

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