Dreams Of Comatose

When I’m asleep I dream many a dreams
Disguised as reality.
Then I’m awakened from slumber so heavenly And there’s no finality.

Clawing at the fuzzy edges, tying to hold on
Resist it’s dissipation.
Fighting to stay in the darkness that I love
Where life is my creation.

Nothing left standing under or rising above
Everything blindingly bright.
Paralyzing heartache creeps into my soul
Bringing back pain & strife.

Searching for the lingering fog of my dreams
Where I am in control.
Reaching out to grasp nothing but thin air
Missing the lullabies lull.

Within the dreams
there’s safety & freedom
To roam, & to discover.
Never have to be afraid, all alone in the dark
Scorned by unfaithful lover.

Into this sunlight I’m forced to be, unwillingly
Until sunset, at day’s end.
Blinded and trapped in this fictitious real life
And no one is a friend.

When darkness falls and slumber takes over
I know it’ll be alright.
Orchestrating my fantasy land as I please
To my heart’s delight.

My only waking purpose is to seek the magic
Become comatose forever.
Desperately searching for the unlocking key
All ties to life I’ll eagerly sever.

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