With the world a totally different place than it was way back in the good old days of I Love Lucy and Mork and Mindy. Even Friends is an outdated version of friendship at it’s finest. With technology taking over our entire lives, we’ve lost sight of basic human nature, become more lax in our mannerisms and turned down our subconscious filters for impersonal communication with one another. We’ve lost sight of modesty, respect, and genuinity. Everything is done with ostentatious aberration just for the most likes possible online, drawing the biggest crowd to shower them with attention. We’ve fallen into the habit of collecting people around us and labeling them friends just because they have been, or could be, beneficial to our prosperity in whatever aspect of our lives they’re associated with. We’ve stopped getting to know people as people, unique individuals. Everyone is classified, judged, thrown into a category of usefulness to call upon when needed. And only when needed, never just because for the camaraderie. Sometimes, it even goes unnoticed when you lose people from your collection. Just someone masquerading as a friend who wiggles their way in and out of people’s lives, sticking around long enough to reap the harvest before heading to the next best crop in town.

Friendships these days are forged just as a flimsy as that V-string-kini that’s apparently all the rage among the anorexic, and few last beyond the moment they were conceived in. Somehow with the rising of technology, there was a falling in the purity of friendship. Doors have been opened to cultures, fantasies, and lifestyles previously hidden from our tiny dot on the map, causing diversity to take center-stage where a carefully painted portrait of tradition-based living once ruled. The internet has uncloaked the wolf in sheep’s clothing and introduced him into our sheltered communities as a tamed pet dog. Comfort zones have been stripped and everyone has seen and caught glimpses of the previously feared unknown. It has shook the core of our societal need for conservatism and made what was once riding the fence of being considered taboo, acceptable in the mainstream.

Yet, we don’t accept the fact that this is the way it is now. People jumped on this internet connects all the things bandwagon without thinking beyond their own limited scope of unknowns and taboos. No one considered how world wide the web would reach, how many nooks and crannies it could penetrate. People are able to find a niche for every conceivable idea or object of liking, every special interest or despicable thought possible. While basking in the connections of what was buried deep inside us for fear of public recourse, we’re also creating mass hysteria within our new groups of friends over the niches others have discovered. Even though we’ve accepted this gift of instant access to all the things at our fingertips, we still lack acceptance of all the things. Then we attack those who don’t follow along our path, just because we don’t understand. Bullies are created because they can’t accept differences. There’s a need to control the infrastructure to everyone’s belief system, taking away the power of diversity because they lack the ability to be open to acceptance. Internet trolls want the world to exist as they comprehend it in their weak-minded, unintelligent and uninformed, constricted point of view, spreading hate to counteract the acceptance by those who have nothing but love in their hearts.

What was created to unite the world’s vast diversity in one click, has divided us by it’s sharing of diversity instead. Add into that selfish greed of materialism and social status, and you’ve got yourself a friendship crisis across the globe, tearing apart human beings one lack of acceptance at a time, their suicides an act of murder by society. We’ve stopped standing up for one another, too busy promoting our own images and personas. We’ve stopped loving each other for being our own unique selves, instead, using the tool designed to close the gaps in the communication highway, thought to be the true barrier of human equality amongst the entire world’s population, to spread hate for things they don’t understand. We’ve become even more narrow-minded and closed-hearted to anyone who questions the reasonings, calling out the injustice or false pretenses with which they hide behind, because without the lax in social etiquette’s online, they never would’ve found the fuel necessary to ignite their warpath of ignorance.

Despite all the hysteria and dramatics that have burst the bubble of a good old-fashioned friendship sans the technology,  it’s not hard to be a good friend. Not at all. There’s no big secret, no technique to master, or self-help program to follow….




Yup. It’s as simple as that. If you want this world to be a friendlier place where you can surround yourselves with as many friend’s as your computer’s contacts folder will hold, without fear of being turned on and bullied once they find your differences, then there’s just one word to take to heart. One word. Acceptance can revolutionize friendship for the betterment of this world. We don’t accept a single gahd-damn thing in our lives these days. With the influence of technology making our means of communication more about the here and now, can’t wait, gotta say it before I forget it, we’re losing out on the meaningful and significant context of yesteryear. Life is so fast-paced, we never take the time to stop and analyze anything, never finding acceptance of what is and what isn’t.

Yet as easy as it is to say the word, it’s a whole ‘nother one to follow the advice. Acceptance is a challenge. It means opening your mind to a world of possibilities beyond your comprehension or comfort level. We ALL want to think that everyone who shares common ground with us share the same views, as well, and that’s the farthest thing from the truth. Unless humans have some magical ability that I’m totally unaware of to stack together within each other like Russian Nesting dolls, there’s no one out there capable of standing in the exact same spot as you at precisely the same time in order to see the same view as you do. It’s impossible. We have to share this earth with everyone else.

Common ground is universal space, since what area might unite some may repel others, or those who might be repelled by one spot may be attracted by another. There’s no single one right way about anything in life. Everything can be see, done, heard, calculated, thought of, instructed, concluded, shared, understood, and on and on and on, a hundred gazillion unique ways, because every.single.human.brain. is unique! No one interprets anything the same. So why is it so hard for us to accept this diversity? The very thing that has allowed civilization to grow structurally, systematically, organizationally, and culturally has impeded us from growing together as a world-wide community. Religion, race, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status are examples of major issues we are witnesses to every day where failure to allow acceptance of differences lies as the root source of those matters.

The depth to which our species has fallen in ignorance is a disgrace. For all we have accomplished under partnerships and teamwork, we are critical of those unlike us specially in any shape or form. Inspiring others to follow our unacceptable, pretentious, ignorant lead. Humans who are otherwise well-respected, up-standing citizens fall victim to spreading hate, at the encouragement of others all because they judge others for being human. No instance is the right instance to spread hate, regardless of the circumstance. You can’t fight fire with fire, we’ve all seen The World’s Dumbest…. on TruTV enough times to know what’s gonna happen. Yeah. BOOM.

Be a friend and be accepting to everyone. It’s not that hard to dig deep for some compassion and empathy and try to accept that someone else is standing on different ground from you. They may not be enlightened on how to be real friend and come at you with bullying and/or trolling. Stand up for ALL of your friends, not just yourself, and fight fire with a fire extinguisher packed full of acceptance. Who cares if they’re gay and you think it’s wrong. Their common ground may not be yours at that point, but when you discover you’re both obsessed with John Lennon, that common ground unites. There’s always going to be someone who’s been left in the dark, uninformed, uneducated about our friendship revolution, just as they are about acceptance and celebrating differences in this new technology powered and social media sustained era. Be a friend. Show them how to do acceptance….your own unique way.


Peace, Love, Hippie Hugs, and Stoner kisses to y’all, My Friends. Angrivated Namaste!

Part 1: www.Friendship101.com/Revolution

8 thoughts on “www.Friendship102.com/revolution

  1. This has me transfixed because I whole heartily believe all of what you wrote about. When I wrote my story I kept asking why is it so hard for me to make friends? All the reason you listed here coupled with my anxiety of leaving the house without a meltdown from sensory triggered son. I never had the problem before when I was my kids ages, but now I don’t feel I fit into a mold of what friendship is personified as in this modern day time of a fast food, fast technology world. The judgement, the popularity contests, the Instagrammed perfect lives send me running for the hills!!!! Thank you once again for your beautiful truth my eyes, ears, and heart are blessed to feel, see, and cherish it. ❤️

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