Love For Nothing

Two peas in a pod once we were, you and me.
Two souls connected as one.
Time brought us together, bound by ill fate.
Like a rainbow over the rising sun.
Together, forever, we would make it all work.
Doubts without to be wrestling.
Tightly woven, weathering against all the odds.
Like those two turtledoves a’nesting.
Living for you with you living for me, unconditionally.
Understanding all that’s unspoken.
Throttled and revved, hearts beat with the same pulse.
United as one, love’s only token.
Takes but a lone, single match, to set it aflame.
Like the breeze spreading a single spark.
It all burns to the ground, shattering that bond.
All is forgotten, with his last remark.

7 thoughts on “Love For Nothing

  1. No need to thank me, love! I’ve been itching to get some poetry out, because I’ve been swamped with offers and requests for writing guest blogs lately, so I jumped at a chance to let my soul do the writing for a change. Love being able to write so freely with Sunday Confessions, which is why I always look forward to participating. And get really sad when life gets too crazy to let me find the time! Thank you for reading everything I link up!


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