A World Of Music Created By Me


Music is the fire in my heart, fueling my passion, lighting up the darkness, and soothing my soul. It is my choice of escape from reality and my grounding tool, bringing me back to reality, all the same. When all else fails, music is there for the win. If I had the option, I’d create a whole world revolving around the music that I love most, because where laughter may be the best medicine for others, music is for me. Well, writing technically is, but music is the foundation for that, too. Music fulfills me.

Here’s where I run into problems, though. If I created a world of music, I couldn’t just pick one genre to run with, per say. My taste in music is more eclectic than The Heidelberg Project house in Detroit. My world of music would have to be its own genre, something of a compilation of sorts. Everything I’ve ever considered a favorite song would be fair game, and I’m one of those people who say everything is their favorite song, according to my husband who doesn’t think it’s so very cute. I can’t help it. If a piece of music speaks to me, attaches itself to me, or evokes a deep sense of emotion in me, it is called a favorite. I have hundreds of hundreds of favorites. So many, I can’t even remember most of them unless I hear the song out of the blue, because, well, (*facepalms self*)….Duh! Kids. They suck up all your memory stores and replace them with names of every Pokemon creature and their corresponding element, every food ever known of the color orange, and the entire Nick Jr., Sprout, and Disney Jr. lineup between 7am and 9pm


What kind of music makes up my eccentric collection, I bet you’re wondering now? I’m sure you’ve had a taste of the madness in my head if you’ve ever tried to play one of my Tuesday Trivia song lyric challenges. There’s ten alotted memory channels in my vehicle’s old school AM/FM radio/cd player. 1-3 are top 40/current hits stations, though one particularly avoids anything hip-hip or rap-like lyrics and beats. 4 and 5 are the two heavy rock/alternative rock stations in our area. 6 is classic rock/oldies, 7 is light rock/past hits from over the decade, and 8 is Indie Rock. Channels 9 and 10 are country. They aren’t in a particular order, or anything, I listen to them all pretty equally. In fact, I’m a scanner, too. Bet you’ve never known anyone who prefers to use that irritating button on car radios, until me, huh?! Yes! I’m totally guilty of it. I can’t stick with one station, I could totally be missing a different favorite song on another channel! Besides, I cannot stand to hear commercials. I think advertisement is as evil as money and the media. I scan until I find the next song to light my fire.


The Shazam app is this girl’s best friend. There’s probably a gazillion songs from my childhood which come rushing back to me whenever I hear them for the first time in forever, and with three quick clicks, I can capture the song info and keep it listed for future reference. The most recent of my captures consists of INXS, Kenny Chesney, Seether, KoRn, and The Eagles. That right there is just a taste of the music I love. From the songs I grew up listening to with my grandparents, reminiscent of their own youth in the late forties through the fifties, to the Boy Bands and Perky Baby Divas from the nineties (think N’Sync, Britney Spears). From the most current of rock hits from Default, Theory of a Dead Man and Evans Blue to the classic rock of The Grateful Dead, The Doors, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and Janis Joplin. From early-mid nineties country hits from Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Trisha Yearwood and Brooks-n-Dunn to the gangster hip-hop/rap anthems coming out a mile a minute at the turn of the century by Nelly, Snoop, DMX, Eminem, The YingYang Twins, and Chingy. And everything in between. My favorite love songs come from the eighties, the kind of music Alan Almond played on Pillow Talk radio every night as a young girl, drifting slowly around my room from the clockradio hidden under my pillow so my parents wouldn’t know I wasn’t completely sleeping. My first concert ever was Reo Speedwagon. I’ve seen Destiny’s Child, Jay-Z & Lil’ Kim, LimpBizkit, The Offspring, KoRn (4 different times, all main floor), Blink 182 @Warped Tour, Sponge, and Shania Twain, among dozens of dozens of small-time local bands, including my brother’s. My favorite concert of all-time-ever was seeing Aerosmith on my 21st birthday during their final tour with Kiss. I was second to front row and Steve Tyler touched my left fingertips. I didn’t wash them for year!


If my fantasy world was built out of music, music would color the place, as well as, replacing all verbal communication. People would better understand one another if song lyrics could be used to speak to one another. Since colors represent emotions, the emotions induced by each song would categorize them, making it clear to others how each person is feeling in every passing moment. No more guessing games or charades, trying to figure out where someone else stands. The music coming from their soul would be simply interpreted based on the lyrics, putting an end to confusion and mind games, because there’s no mask to hide behind when music is in control. What a pleasant place that would be, even if everyone was grumpy and rocking out to Led Zepplin, Marilyn Manson, Pantera, and System of a Down all at once, because a good group head banging session can turn any mood around instantly. Try it sometime, you’ll break down into giggles at the sight, and giggles are quite contagious, you know. Before long, everyone would be dancing silly to The Monkees, The Beatles, Cyndi Lauper, and Donna Summers, doing the Locomotion and the Tootsie Roll. Can you picture that? Bet you’re smiling!

Regardless of what kind of music one’s soul would be singing based on their mood, my musical world would be full of peace and respect for one another, because every song has a harmony, meaning every person would live in harmony. Much different than the real world we live in, today. Much, much different. You ready to jump ship and join me, now? Oh, how I wish! Don’t you?

***Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week 16 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.*** 

My subject is “Create a world  based on a genre of music”.  It was submitted by Someone Else’s Genius

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By: Kristina Hammer, aka, The Angrivated Mom

10 thoughts on “A World Of Music Created By Me

    1. Diversity is a cursed blessing in the real world, yet in the world of music, boundaries between cultures and genres are crossed frequently with no ill-affect…I don’t get it. Why can’t it be both ways? Harmony would be a wonderful state to live in.


  1. I will totally join you!
    You mention so many great bands and performers!
    I love Shazam, too. Here’s my recent history:

    Lost! Coldplay,
    A shoulder to cry on, Tommy Page,
    No more rhyme, Debbie Gibson,
    Time will reveal, DeBarge,
    Heart of Courage,
    Two Steps from Hell,
    The time of my life, David Cook,
    Don’t take the girl,
    Tim McGraw,
    Trouble, Coldplay


  2. WOW! to me this would be so agonizing as I hardly listen to music anymore…all I do is listen to books on tape, but so love the songs you chose. I do like 70’s music, Johnny Cash, and some modern hits.


  3. Your Shazam list looks like my husband’s iPod on shuffle! Being with him has brought me a new appreciation for 80’s hair bands while I introduced him to the crazy world of punk and ska.

    I like that your musical world starts and ends with harmony, so yeah – I’d jump ship with you!


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