Cursed By The Devil’s Kiss


Shadows lingering all about, lost and wandering through the misty moonlight.
Shivering in the cold, gasping for air, you vow not to die without putting up a fight.
How to survive when you can’t see a thing, life keeps flashing before your eyes.
Banished and beaten, broken and weakened by the hatred, the barriers, the lies.
Racing through the oblivion, seeking out the reasons you will never be allowed to reach.
Stuck in this relentless, raging vortex, it’s clenching hold too strong over you to breach.
Clawing, pushing, frantic and fretting, the panic overwhelms, crushes down upon your soul.
Mind wanders and ponders if this may be the answer sought of For Whom The Bell Tolls.
Finally, you think with relief, insanity has made it’s long anticipated presence be known.
Madness has totally taken over control, it’s not just a bad trip through the Twilight Zone.
It has been stalking you so long, with demons hiding in the shadows and your nightmares.
The darkness patiently awaiting, but no one believed whenever you told them to please beware.
Crazy they said, she’s crying out for attention, another lost cause to forget in the gutters.
Tormented and terrorized when the sun went down, the marks of proof labeled you a cutter.
Cursed by evil you cannot share, nothing shows itself or visits them in the night.
Giving in to their perception, you finally allow the demonic forces to take you without a fight.
Leaving the world by the blood they accused you of spilling at the slight of your own hand.
A parting gift as you join the ranks of hell that sought out your soul, taking one last stand.
The living never could see in the dark without that curse bestowed upon your windowless eyes.
The night you were born before she died, the devil did answer your very own mother’s desolate cries.
Save the unborn’s life, I will trade you my soul and hers, please I beg of you heaven and hell!
I know I’m dying, I cannot be saved, but please don’t take hers, let her live this story to tell!
The angels guided your mother’s soul to heaven and delivered you into the arms of heroes
The devil kissed your forehead as you passed into the light, cursing you with eyes like mirrors.
It was all he could do, he was too late to steal your soul, he had to mark you as his nonetheless.
His power grew stronger with every bit of innocence stolen, unable to hide under your mother’s wing.
Here the Banshee screech for your soul, blessed to the devil in your mother’s dying scream.
You belong to Him now, his soldier of the night, in the shadowy realms of midnight hell.
Your mother’s bargain wasted, for though you lived, no one heard the story you had to tell.
Shadows lingering all about, lost and wandering through the misty moonlight.
Shivering in the cold, gasping for air, you vow to make them suffer, struggle to sleep in the night.

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By: Kristina Hammer, aka, The Angrivated Mom

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