No Better Way To Be


We are all given things in life. By the universe, genetics, people, animals, possessions, ourselves; every meaningful interaction in life has given us something. In the endless hustle and bustle of life, technology is fueling a jet stream paced existence. People are focused on how much they can have materialistically instead of intellectually or spiritually, whether or not it has been given or taken. They no longer care about others from a Team Human perspective. Everything is about ego, money, and control, and somehow we’ve lost the ability to care about the whole.

Just look at what happens whenever we take large groups of people and continually bring them together for large amounts of time on a daily basis. They turn on one another in some fact or form. School shootings, workplace violence, internet trolling, church bombings. The need to rise above all else, to be given the free ride to the top, has consumed an entire species, if you will. Because, that’s what we truly are under these T.J. Maxx and Macy’s splurges. Animals. Yet, somehow, in our most recent advancement of evolution into the age of finger tip technology and internet everything’s, we have lost touch with our humanity. Having is more valuable than experiencing.

I am an emotional and spiritual (not as in having strong religious beliefs, but as in my connection with my inner self) person, with empathic abilities. It is easier for me than most to see from a metaphysical perspective than a physical one. For me, it is impossible to relate to this change in the human species. I cannot fancy things as much as I do memories, feelings, and moments. I want to become attached to what life has given me, not throw it away for the next best thing. It is inconceivable for me to think of putting my own personal desires above the greater good of those around me, the way I see those around me doing themselves.

To me, it is inconceivable to relate to other people based on materialistic attributes and financial wealth. To focus solely on gain… To be so unsatisfied with the human to human interactions which made it possible for our species to evolve this far. How can people not see the beauty of the human race anymore? When did we become so robotic in nature, so closed off to our natural existence that we cannot see past our exterior appearances and faux pas facades of bravado. No one lives for the enjoyment of simply being alive and taking in all the wonders life offers up. We don’t take care of our species as a whole, despite all of our accomplishments as one. My mind just blows over the selfishness and greed with which people have chosen to live in at the suffering of others. Borders divide us into separate packs, but no species will completely itself off to rule all the land, they systematically and strategically preserve their species. We destroy ours.

It is in my nature to ponder the meaning in everything going on around me all the time. I’m always seeking the gift the universe has hidden in my children’s laughter and tears, in my husband’s gentle touch when I’m in severe pain, in the elderly woman who’s smile I return at the grocery store. Looking for the lesson being given every time I face a problem, overcome a struggle, or own up to a responsibility I had previously shunned. It’s the little things in life which fuel my passion and motivate me to push for an even brighter tomorrow. Every moment is something more valuable to me than any item, any label, or any status. I take what I am given and accept it as the gift it is, making it work to the best of my abilities without fail. It saddens me to think of all those who will never understand how wonderful it feels to savor a long conversation with an old friend, or feel gracious feeding my neighbors who would otherwise go without, or spending a few quality minutes talking to the grumpy man in the ridiculously long line at Costco without passing judgement on him later.

Maybe one day this technology era will fizzle out and humanity will see itself as a piece of the whole species and not just an individual member out for it’s own independent survival. Maybe it will only get worse. I hope not, because I couldn’t imagine living a life much worse than one without any real connection to the world around them and taking more than just what’s been given. My finances may be poor, my abode humble, and my possessions minimal, but I’m rich with love, passionate about life, compassionate about everything this world contains…and I’m blessed with what fate has given me. There’s no better way to be.



By: Kristina Hammer, aka, The Angrivated Mom

2 thoughts on “No Better Way To Be

  1. I think too many times we overlook the importance of being spirtually connected to ourselves. It is so important to wonder and ask questions about everything around us… it is how we learn…how we live.

    Wonderful post. ❤


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