A Time For Thanks

Gather round now, the time is here.
Pull your family and friends in near.
Autumn is swiftly drawing to a close.
Freezing winter winds nip at your toes.
The fields harvested; leaves have fallen.
Old Jack Frost has come a-callin’.
Tis the time to reflect upon the year.
Everyone together, a time for cheer.
Expressing gratitude for good health.
And riches- when love is your wealth.
Garlic, basil, rosemary, and thyme.
Breaking bread, passing the wine.
Roasted turkeys, sweet potatoes delight.
Green beans and stuffing- what a sight!
Wish bones snap and gravy is poured.
The football game finally has a score.
Pies still warm: cherry, pecan, pumpkin.
This perfect moment has really sunk in.
Bellies now full and the good times had.
A Thanksgiving day for which I’m glad.
Gather round, our time won’t last.
Soon this will be a Thanksgiving past.
Hug the loved ones, share a last laugh.
Time to wash dishes and take out the trash.


Baking In A Tornado: Haiku or Hai’can’t: A Collection of Thanksgiving poems
Spatulas On Parade: Thanksgiving Haiku
Measurements Of Merriment: Thanksgiving Poems
Someone Else’s Genius: Ode To Turkey Day
The Bergham Chronicles: #Thankful Poetry


By: Kristina Hammer, aka, The Angrivated Mom

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