My Book On Life And Thereof: Secret Subject Swap January


Your “Secret Subject” is:
You start reading a new book late night after a long day of work. The first few pages sound familiar, and the more you read the more you realize this book mirrors your inner thoughts and your life. What do you do?

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What do I do? Probably run for cover. If my life was in a book already, it would confirm all the suspicions I’ve ever had about life. I suffer from Deja Vu horribly. I’m empathic, meaning I’m not as sensitive as a medium or a psychic to be able to pick up on other worldly energy, but I am highly sensitive to the energy of humans. Your emotions, feelings, earthly vibrations…they absorb into me. Part of me takes on what you’re giving off, making it hard for me to distinguish between my own emotions and others, sometimes.

My philosophy on life is eccentric, at best. Eclectic is probably a bit more accurate, per say. My belief system has undergone some incredible transformations from where I began as a child. Religion was always an outsider my father and stepmother, my main caregivers, barred from entering our home. Yet, my mother and stepfather, whom I only got to see every other weekend and holiday, if they chose, welcomed Religion into their home as a weekly dinner guest. Growing up I had a taste of both worlds, aiding in the development of my broad acceptance of all things spirituality. Even the unbelievers who believe solely in the logical science of our universe and reject the idea of a higher power.

My hodgepodge of conclusions leads me to believe there is another realm, a spiritual place, the birth center of our souls. It is the place some refer to as Heaven. I, however, believe Heaven is something entirely different, because I believe we contain both spirit and soul separately inside of our physical bodies. Our soul is the energy that makes us alive and the spirit is what gives us our personality. The spirit energy is what goes to Heaven to do all those heavenly things preached about in the Bible. The soulful energy dissipates back into this spiritual center of the universe to be reborn again; no different from the energy of a collapsed star birthing a new one out of the remnants melding together. And, this crazy perspective of mine, is also where I believe ghosts come from. If we are not aware that we are dying when we do, and the physical shell containing our soul and spirit is no longer viable and connecting the two energies, our energy will linger in confusion, possibly seeking the shell that no longer contains it. This many even explain why ghosts are trapped as the image they saw themselves as in real life, because the spirit which gave them distinct human characteristics, perceptions, and behaviors, is no longer present. Sent back to Heaven to meet its maker, it was at death.

I digress.

If I really was to stumble upon a book in which my entire life and that which hasn’t unfolded, yet, had been captured on paper, it would only prove my theories to me. Prove that our energy truly is reborn and there are people miraculously gifted with the ability of foresight greater than I ever imagined. It would prove that our brains really are just gateways through which our soul and spirit enter and leave from, into a realm just beyond the average, closed-circuit person’s reach. My thirst for knowledge would become insatiable. My desire to grow stronger as an empath and possibly even learn to tap into the gateway as a medium would multiply faster than fleas on a feral cat. Everything I’ve ever felt ashamed, estranged, demented, and too condescended to talk about openly about would finally give others pause to contemplate. It would lift the veil I’ve hid my beliefs under and allow me to embrace the truths I always knew in my heart. Knew in my soul; the soul which has lived to tell many a secrets from the shells it gave life to time after time before me.

Somehow, the author of the book must have tapped into my soul or found a link to my spirit which gave them the sight to lay my story down. They may never have even known, thinking it was merely their own imagination and creative juices flowing. We already know we only use a third of our entire brains. There has to be purpose behind the other two-thirds of it, especially given the intense amount of electrical neuropathways present and accounted for in each of us. Life itself is still the greatest mystery of all living things and there are no definitives to what is known at this point. We are such complex, ingenious designs, with abilities and connections to various extents and degrees…It is all so very much possible.
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By: Kristina Hammer, aka, The Angrivated Mom

10 thoughts on “My Book On Life And Thereof: Secret Subject Swap January

  1. I love the way you think and agree with so much of what you say. There is so much more to spirituality than just following the tenets of a specific religion. We need to internalize those beliefs that we truly connect with, think about them and grow,

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    1. Thank you for not running away and hiding from my “crazy” as my hubby calls it! It’s such a taboo subject at times people structured religious beliefs tend to trump any factual/reasonable/scientific/universal theories. But, like I told Tamara, I’m rereading Bird By Bird by Anne Lammot on how to write and it says what comes out was meant to and let it stay. So I did.


  2. Wow, Steena, I am glad I came back here this morning, because frankly, last night, my mind wasn’t able to process your theory of soul, spirit and ghosts.
    Now, with coffee in my system and a shower I think this is a freaking great post!
    Can you believe of all the other bloggersYOU got this prompt?
    Happy new year!

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    1. I had no idea the prompt was going to lead my mind in that direction. When I first received it, I know I had thought of something completely different. But when I finally sat down to write, this all tumbled out. I’ve been rereading a book on how-to write better we used in college as a text for my creative writing choices and the author said to always sick with what comes out because your mind/hand needed it to. I was a little shy when I posted because it’s SO much on the end of things people just don’t talk about openly, but the book convinced me I needed to follow through, so I did. And here we are! Thank you for coming back to it and giving it a second chance to sink in, that means the world to me! ❤


  3. Absolutely love this. Beautiful and thought provoking. I really love your handling of your subject. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. There really is so much more to life… Physical and spiritual… Than I think most people realize.


  4. I have deja vu issues too. Not as often as I used to when life was quieter, but still fairly often. If I were reading a book that turned out to be about me, I would be torn between throwing it out or finishing it!


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