Crossroads of Kismet


Inside my heart is racing
The fork in the road revealed
My path has been chosen
Kiss of fate, the deal is sealed.
Following a dream
Stumbling blind, nonetheless
Deserving of much better
You gentle, sweet caress.
So cruel is time
The journey still so far to go
Just out of my reach
Dangling before we even grow.
Doubts weigh heavy
Heavier yet weighs my soul
Clear the fog for me
Reassure me we are the goal
Doing it for me
Somehow I got confused
Tangled in your web
Left wondering, ego bruised.
Its enough as it is
Choosing to travel the unknown
Spinning me around
Till your true colors have shown.
I must keep on walking
Foolish pride preludes my freedom
Dying for you to join me
Decide to be the ruler of my kingdom.

By: Kristina Hammer, aka, The Angrivated Mom

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