More Than A Lover’s Valentine


Closing my eyes, my mind takes me someplacesomeplace far away from the emptiness of here.
Away to a place hanging in limbo,  where you must waitwait patiently for time to draw us near.

Into the darkness I dive, going deeperdeeper into you I fall so recklessly, riding this kismet.
Sparks of fire set blazes aglow, as my soul awakensawakens anticipation for each passion fueled visit.

Needing you, craving you, wanting to declare my love to the worldthe world forcefully situating us apart.
Take me, save me, devour me, don’t you ever let me gogo on now, say you’ll keep me, this will be our start.

Let me open my eyes and find you, firmly standing therethere, contained within my absolute everything.
The waves which wash away all the binds that tietie me down, carry me away, take away the burning sting.

My forever, my nothing, my in between are consumed by youby you the missing piece, I am incomplete.
Alas, you must wait in the shadows of my mind, hidden, biding my timemy time cannot be our defeat.

Please, I’m begging you, come to my surface, come into the lightlight up my life with the fires raging inside.
Claim me for yours, build our heaven in the sky, there is nothing more we could loselose we will if we never tried.

Closing my eyes takes me away some placesome place where kismet led, to seek what was mine.
Finding you there, I can’t let you gogo on, say you feel the same…
I’m more to you then simply a lover’s Valentine.


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By: Kristina Hammer, aka, The Angrivated Mom

12 thoughts on “More Than A Lover’s Valentine

    1. It started as an accidental coincidence in the first two stanzas, so I just ran with it. The idea for the italics came last, and I wasn’t sure it was going to work. I completely surprised myself with this.


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