Foolish For Your Love


Silence is deafening, the voices screaming in my head,
Losing my way easily, careful I must tread.
Thoughts are racing, heart beating, rapid in my burdened chest,
For what, I know I am only second best.
A whirlwind of torment raging violently inside my blazing soul,
Lit aflame, left to burn, so out of control.
Blinded by crossroads, taken aback by such unexpected treasure
Intimidated, threatened by your measure.
Beckoning from the darkness, my body aches, ever-demanding
Foolishly, alone I am standing.
Frozen in pain, I bear my wounds, risk succumbing to exposure
To realize, you’ll never bring me closure.
Played like a folding hand, used to raise the stakes on your heart,
Never had a chance, not even from the start.
Tell me more of those sweet nothin’s, tainted by lies of condescending,
I’m crying mercy, I have no understanding.
I knew this couldn’t be, too good to be true, I am so undeserving,
Yet this lesson, my heart still isn’t learning.
Once upon a dream or two ago, you led me into a new kind of Hell,
Crushing the secrets I could never tell.
Washing ashore, my loneliness returns to claim its hold on me,
Drowning my desires in the harsh, salty sea.

By: Kristina Hammer, aka, The Angrivated Mom

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