Waking Dead Girl


Nightmares are my dreams,
Hell, my only existence.
Demons are my best friends,
Darkness, the only consistence.

Falling behind with every step,
Don’t look down, never back.
Confess my sins and bow to the pain,
Bracing for the coming attack.

Spinning, spiraling, lost in this pit
Holding on for dear life.
Black holed sun has risen again,
Bringing in the strife.

Dancing with the devil’s angels,
Risking none but my soul.
Whispering my secrets they keep,
And, then, losing control.

All I have is blackness within,
Wreaking havoc inside.
Falling further away from myself,
Living, they simply surmised.

By: Kristina Hammer, aka, The Angrivated Mom

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