Baby Of Mine


Soft and sweet you come climbing into my lap,
A fuzzy little ball of freshly spun wool.
Nuzzling against my chest with a gentle mewing purr,
Heart to heart, feeling every rising and falling swole.
A beam of the purest sunshine could never shine so warmly,
Sparkling with radiance, your light upon my darkened life.
A diamond of the highest quality could never be so treasured,
Your priceless value worth the pain of my strife.
Tiny little fingers on the smallest of hands take hold,
Wrapping around my giant finger tightly, so trusting.
Eyelids flutter as your milky breath sighs deeply with sleep,
Blissfully unaware of all but what for you’re fussing.
Hours tick by as the world whizzes past without so much as a glance,
Still we sit- quiet as mice, unmoving, not to disturb.
Enchanted, enthralled, enlightened by your sweet innocence,
Wanting to stay lost, captivated by your charming lure.
How can they allow me the pleasure of calling you one of my own,
When your perfection of beauty shatters perceptions.
Blessed by the stars to be chosen as the one you call mother,
I have loved you since the moment of your conception.
You are my baby.

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