Ode to My Phone – Fly On The Wall

Since it’s National Poetry Month, I decided to put a Poetic spin on this month’s FOTW post. I broke my phone this week and decided to write a tribute to my beloved ZTE Max… Enjoy!


Your body in my hand- weighted, squared off, and smooth to the touch.
Shiny and new, pulling you from your box I already knew I loved you so much.
Before all else, I dressed you up; that purple otter box fit you tight like a glove. Everywhere we went together, at night you sat on a shelf over my head above.
You connected me to the world, voices speaking of life directly to my ears.
Appointments, information, conversations – happy smiles and sad tears.
Good news of raises, babies born, and relationships forged under the moon.
Bad news of passings, illnesses, and frauds reported with a melancholy tune.
So much more you had to offer me, though, with capabilities a hundredfold.
A lifeline to reality and fantasy alike- keeper of secrets and stories yet untold.
Capturing moments of enchantment, an interactive autobiographical scrapbook. Entertainment at my finger tips; videos, reading, gaming, giving websites a look.
Social media brought the village back to this stay-at-home-mom’s mundane life.
Giving reprieve from the lonely existence of motherhood’s endless strife.
You and I made quite the team, taking me places I had only once before dreamed.
My passion for writing turned into a blog competing among the esteemed.
Oh, why! Why did our time have to come to such a horrendously tragic end?
I believed that forever, case in hand, you would remain my very best friend.
That day at the park, unlike any other we made, I never saw the fall coming.
In an instant it all happened when my daughter took off running.
To the ground you tumbled, for the first time ever landing right on your face.
A losing battle against the gravel you shattered as I had to give chase.
Forever I’ll remember all that you have brought my life, completing me.
A friend to the very end, my beloved ZTE Max – I will treasure the memories.


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5 thoughts on “Ode to My Phone – Fly On The Wall

  1. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
    PurDude came home from school for break and we bought him a brand new phone. He was back at school for one week when he dropped it into the toilet. It’s dead and we’ll be paying for it for 2 years. YAY.


  2. Nooooo not the phone, anything but the phone. I think I’d be lost if I didn’t have my handy alarm clock, calculator, camera, calendar, memo pad, budget planner, banking and call maker on me at all times. Excuse me while I go hug my phone while there is still time 😥

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dun dun duh dun dun duh dun duh dah dun… Yes, I realize that’s the Darth Vader theme song, but I thought it fitting as a death march. ❤


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