Playing With Lady Luck


Karma is a bitch they say, as Lady Luck rolls her cursed die.

Chasing after rainbows while freezing rains pour out from the sky.

The odds are slim and the risk is high, but, still, you go all in,

Neverminding the price to pay for the cost of your eternal sin.

The deck has been stacked with those cards counted in vain,

This gamble of pleasure won’t pay out, causing you even greater pain.

A spin of the wheel, a pull of the lever, chips toppling across the table,

Anything to prove life can have the happy ending read in childhood fables.

The longing for a winning streak, a jackpot hit with shrill bells that ring,

Anything at all you’ll take in greed, just for once your supper you won’t have to sing.

The stars above in the heavens you bastardly curse have a much different plan,

For it takes far more than just good luck to beat the house’s winning hand.

Try as one may, gambling will never set anyone free,

Owning your soul, taking you hostage, forcing you to beg on bended knee.

The easy way out doesn’t exist, Lady Luck played you for a simple fool,

She rules with an iron fist, turning every player who challenges, into her mule.

Beaten and bruised with your ego checked at the gilded door,

Tell me how it feels now, to be crawling across the dirty, bloodstained floor.

Just one more roll, one more hand, one more bet placed in dying despair,

That’s all that you have left, for you abandoned life without a single care.

Wanting the high life you do covet landed you in the lowest depths of Lady Luck’s hell,

Chancing the burn of Karma bleeding you dry, your greed left you with nothing to show and tell.

Welcome to the March Monthly Poetry Challenge! Our theme was: LUCK

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