Friday Feats and Fails (Oct 17)

Here it is, another week finished with and under the belt. The days fly by full of ups and downs and it’s hard to process all the key points, footnotes, and learning moments when you’re caught up in the hustle-n-bustle of daily chaos and falling asleep before your head hits the pillow at night. It’s time to sit back and put my week into review, ready to join me?


1. I royally screwed up my doctors appointment on Monday. I should’ve showered the night before when hubs was around to watch my demonic toddler so that way she wouldn’t have stolen my glasses and broke them. I knew that appointment was important but I let my lazy Sunday and procrastination get the better of me and I paid the consequence for it. I have my appointment rescheduled for this coming week, let’s hope the lesson was learned because I really need to get my test results so I can take better care of my health!
2. I didn’t return a bunch of phone calls from people I only like when I’m in the mood to like them. It’s rude and I know I should be grateful that they were thinking of me enough to call, but iLike Papa Douchebag, who called five different times between Sunday and yesterday, and one of my blue moon friends, because I know she’ll have nothing to talk about but things I would totally appreciate if I were her, since I’m not as financially well-to-do. Sometimes I really think she tries to make me feel bad so she feels better about herself.
3. I failed to make buying a new cigarette rolling machine and wasted half a week’s worth of groceries on buying packs of cigarettes every day. It’s not fair to anyone in the family for me to waste so much money on a selfish vice that does nothing more than kill me slowly and keep me from biting someone’s head off.
4. Between shark week going down, the boys’ PS3 being broke, Bean’s tv being broke, changes to our school routine for PT conferences, and a couple jammed-packed stressful days, I failed as a parent and flipped out on my kids several times this week when it was getting close to bedtime, but not quite there. I ranted and raved over their messy rooms, boredom-induced hyperactivity, struggles with meeting goals that are normally rewarded with screen and game time, and the inability to be quiet. It was my bad and I apologized the following mornings because they don’t deserve to be yelled at disrespectfully by their own mother just because she’s over-tired, stressed out, and feeling tremendous pain.
4. With all the crazy schedules we had going on this week, I forgot all about doing #TattleTaleThursday on my page until just as I was heading off to bed last night. Apparently I don’t have any stray puppies in my page village yet to scratch and whine at my leg when I have a major brain fart…. like a certain somebody I know named Ash does, hehehe!


1. I wrote an amazing blog piece for Sunday Confessions, in my opinion at least, about my lifelong struggle with depression in honor of mental health awareness week. It’s not a story I like to share because most of it’s filled with negativity and I try to focus on all things positive whenever possible, but I knew that it was important to bring awareness to the personal struggle many have shared walking shoes with. Those who’ve walked in them need to know they’re not alone and those who haven’t can have a chance to see inside the bigger picture of something they’ve never experienced before, maybe helping them understand better and ease the stigmas surrounding all forms of mental illness. I really didn’t think, with all honesty, more than a handful of people would actually take the time to read something so deeply personal about me, so it was truly shocking to see the response it actually got and how many actually viewed it.
2. I survived two half-days of school, one with a morning start and one with an afternoon start, without forgetting my kids or being late. Yes, I’ve forgotten all about getting my kids until they come tumbling in the house all pissed off that they had to walk a whole two and a half blocks home, or gotten confused over what time they are supposed to be at school on afternoon starts so they’re either extremely early or extremely late.
3. We made it through Parent-Teacher conferences without a single kid behind in reading, having behavioral issues, or missing the majority of their homework. Everyone is right on track and doing exactly what they need to be doing, something that hasn’t happened since the third kid started school last year. It’s a struggle for me to balance it all and stay organized when I’m not a naturally organized person. There’s always something turning up missing, sliding through the cracks, or being forgotten about.
4. Bean started her play rehersal yesterday and not only did we make it on-time, but we had some super fun mother-daughter bonding time without the other three kids interference. She had a few anxiety attacks over keeping up with all the great-big, mature middle and high schoolers (lol), but momma eased her worries and got her right back to learning her song and dance with a beaming smile on her face. It was awesomely delightful watching my little girl up on stage in all her performing glory doing something she’s naturally good at doing. Watching her pick up the lyrics and dance steps with more enthusiasm than the rest of the kids was worth every bit of disastrous mess I came home to afterwards.
5. The Dunce and I also connected this week in a new way that probably wouldn’t have been discovered without his PS3 taking a dump on us. He discovered my favorite show of all-time on our DVR- Burn Notice! We had ourselves a fantastic cuddle session watching reruns together while I schooled him on the first few seasons and sadly explained that the show ended last year. Since the boy’s are more into boy things like video games, kickball, football, and shooting airsoft guns, I cherish the things that we do have in common.

So, that’s my week full of ups and downs in a nutshell. Come on over and see more of my insanity at The Daily Rantings of an Angrivated Mom and make sure you check out anyone else who linked up with More Than Cheese and Beer for Friday Feats and Fails! Have a great weekend everyone.

3 thoughts on “Friday Feats and Fails (Oct 17)

  1. I totally relate on the being over tired, over stressed, overwhelmed Mama. Like you I apologize and vow to do better and encourage my kids to tell me no Mom stop it. It helps me check my ego at the door, and put myself in their place and how it would feel to be raged at. Kudos to you on being on time and organized I struggle with this affliction also. I’m more and more convinced we were separated at birth!!! And yes your Sunday confession blog was kick ass and amazing. You moved me to tears with your admirable honesty and truth. Keep on fighting the good fight sista. Much love and respect to you. 💓

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