Take My Hand

Huddled in the dark corner of an overcrowded room,
Hidden in shadows cast off by the light of the moon.
Alone, abandoned, left behind by the corrupted crowd,
Deaf to the endless chatter that grows incessantly loud.
Wanting so bad to find a way out, away from this scary place,
Everywhere I turn, there’s only another unfriendly, sneering face.
Cowering deeper into the shell I’ve built to withdraw myself into,
Overwhelmed by feelings of fear, unsure of what to even do.
Within my darkened soul, I cry out for help in tremendous pain,
Wondering if the crowd was right all along, I really am insane.
I close my eyes, take a deep breath, contemplate making this the end,
I’ve been fated to die alone, without ever having known a single true friend.
Curled up, with my knees pulled in tight, ready to bare my final adieu,
The crowd begins to part, bringing in light too bright, to even notice you.
While blinded by this glow you reach out and take my shaking hand,
The warmth flows through you into me, as you help me to stand.
Leading me through the crowd to safety, that I never knew was there,
Saving me from my demise, & the crowd’s ugly, shaming stares.
A friend so genuine, loving, & true you unconditionally offered to me,
Showing my heart what it had always been too dark & afraid to want to see.
Worthy to light the fire in my heart and let it glow again bright,
Because next to me you’ll always be, with my hand in yours held tight.

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