Just Human

Underneath the skin it’s all the same,
Every bone, organ, muscle, and vein.
How is it that humans came to see,
Colors of the universe so differently.
A species that defines it’s very people,
By it’s designation of colors perceivable.
This representation made for visual arts,
Never intended to tear apart these hearts.
Whoever decided that we all must go along,
Why accepting one another is so very wrong.
Those false perceptions of association,
Are only of humans own mind’s creation.
Every bone, organ, muscle, and vein,
Underneath the skin it’s all the same.

11 thoughts on “Just Human

  1. One of my favorite authors shared this. Very profound, I love it!! I wish all people saw their hate and could change it. We are all the same: color, gender, orientation. We are all human ❤

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  2. That is one thing I love so much about the Internet. So many people I have become so close to I never saw for months, some I have yet to see. I have no clue what color their skin is, their religion, their race and none of that matters. Lovely poem, so sad it matters so much to some, think of all they are missing in life!!! ❤

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