A Game To Play


I bend for you at your will, yet you break me
I give you all I can of me, still you take it all
I feel for you deeply, but you cause me pain
I build your ego up, you only keep me small

On and on, ’round and around, we shall circle
Tied to you with binds, unseen by any others
Secrets leave me loyal, fearing them spilling
My only happiness is found in being a mother

You say it’s all me, I know I’m not your crazy
You think I’m just a bitch, I know you are, too
You act smarter, I’m wise to see that charade
You want to feel so powerful, I’m not like you

For now this must continue it’s fated course
There will be no forever after, no, not for me
One day my window will open wide and bright
A fresh start, a new life, I will set myself free

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