Our Castle

Sunday ConfessionSolid

My heart is swollen full, filled with emotions flowing to the very brim,
Heavy enough to snap off and crush an old sycamore’s ancient limb.
More times than I imagined, I’ve disappointed, hurt, and let you down,
Yet I always question how I end up back, on the cold, hard ground.
From that very first kiss, I knew you’d be the one who came to save me,
My knight in shining armor, a prince, come to set this troubled soul free.
All my life I dreamt of this moment, wanting it badly to come true,
Crying myself to sleep, there was nothing for this I wouldn’t do.
Here I am with everything I wante and I abuse this gift bestowed,
Unconditional love & loyalty to you, all along I should have showed.
Many nights I spent wondering, looking for, what inside of me is wrong,
Broken enough to damage the trusting in, of a bond fated to be strong.
Guilt ridden, weighted by my crimes against destiny’s perfect match,
A love story cursed instantly, with the rolling thunder and lightening flash.
Abandoned like castle ruins, walls crumbled in piles of stone rubble,
The love should’ve dissipated, like air rushing out from a popped bubble.
Somehow it has survived this, burning brighter than a candle in the night,
We are reconnecting, rebuilding, still holding on to each other, tight.
The very foundation of our fated souls bonding, is as solid as granite rock,
Our hearts combine with one heartbeat, the key to our soul’s keeping lock.
I promise to you I will prove my righted intentions to help our castles mending
We will reign again as king and queen, writing our fated fairytale story ending.


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One thought on “Our Castle

  1. I love reading of your love story. It fills my heart with so much faith, hope, and promise. Across the miles our journeys have been similar. And at the end of our trials lies our hearts that complete us. My love, respect, to you and your family. ❤️


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