Cosmic Dance

Dancing gracefully across the darkened ballroom floor,
Our arms intertwined, faces pressed so close together.
Passion leads us both into strange, unfamiliar moves,
We carry them out as smoothly as my ballet shoe’s worn leather.

You twirl me away, reel me in fast, then do it over again,
Somehow you’ve figured out just how to keep moving us.
A dip down low, snap me back, press my body tightly against yours,
Your touch feels like fire, scorching me with eternal flames of lust.

Sweeping me around & around, dizzying me in a lover’s ecstasy,
Weakening me with every spin, until I feel myself melting away.
Enraptured by this dance, climax builds with drunken pleasure,
Then you break free & turn away, I’m left begging for you to stay.

A connection so powerful deserves to finish this midnight dance,
While I silently plead the music to play on until the sun’s rise.
Wanting you on me, needing you in me, finishing what we started,
Don’t leave me I say, grabbing your hand, looking into your eyes.

Finish me, please, this has to be done, you’ve taken me way too far,
The dance must end as it was scripted, not of your selfish decision.
A tease, just a taste, of the dance we were paired to put on for show,
Fated to perform, like two comets bound straight for collison.

Just tell me why, don’t turn your back on me, how can you walk away,
Passion coursing through my blood, brain doped up on this ecstasy,
Answer me now, look at me, sweep me off my feet to dance again,
Didn’t you feel the magic we created, this can’t just be imagined fantasy.

As I implode from the climax that was about to peak before you abandoned,
I feel the heat of your hands on my waist, your breath as in you bend.
The softest kiss brushes tenderly across my dry, parted lips,
As you gaze fiercely into my eyes, I realize  this, is, but isn’t, the end.

Confessions flow as you guide me along in a slowed rocking pace,
Like waves washing the shore, your gentle whispers soothe my soul.
You say this magic happens only once in a lifetime, nevermore,
My value worth more than a single dance, you wanted to keep me whole.

Lifting me in your arms, asking to become my partner for life,
I’m taken away where we can dance to only the music we make.
A rhythm of two, heartbeat of one, our lost souls mercifully collide,
This meeting destined, the chosen dance all along, a fated cosmic mistake.

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