Faltering Unity


My faith in your love has faded with the sun, while you keep asking me why

But this isn’t the first time you have heard, this irrefutably heartbroken cry

Around and around in circles we go, treading water that only gets deeper

Casting doubt upon lies you have hidden, under the shadows of a sacred steeple

All the while you keep on rejecting what is true- as if you were actually blind

But losers can only weep in anger, over what us keepers do so honestly find

Nothing has ever been enough, to appease your angry, wild, deviant soul

Hold you steady in place, without absconding from this marital vow parole

A double life of masquerading convenience, motivated by selfish greed

Uncontrollable impulses fueled by unrequited rage, dictating only for your need

The more I try to hold your wounds together, the closer to drowning we come

I fear this wayward obstinance is the death, by you to which I will soon succumb

Helpless I am but you are not, for it is not my burden weighing us down

I’ve done my duty responsibly, upholding the heavy head that dons his crown

My bones are weary, my mind has gone dark, and my battle-worn heart is bleeding

As you wonder there on your throne, “why?”, while deaf ears fail to hear my pleading

Partnerships don’t work this way, you see, a team always functions in mutual unity

This wasn’t what we promised to be, when professing our love with judicial decree




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