Heart Burn


I don’t know what to think anymore

My mind has come unhinged.

Everything is so confusing right now

My heart is burned. Crispy and singed.

I’m crumbling into pieces of dust

Don’t even recognize this face.

You’ve tainted everything about me

Memories glued tightly in place.

Somehow I kept you for this long

Yet you were never even mine.

Just a plaything to be toyed with

Like a fish hooked on your line.

Incapable of loving anything selflessly

Seeking pleasure in obsessions.

I tried to help, tried to heal you

You’re one of life’s cruelest lessons.

Might as well be a stupid kid’s yo-yo

Spinning up and down, up and down.

Broken promises paved by selfish greed

Pushing me under, watching me drown.

Life solely revolves around your desires

Anything to feed your ego’s high.

Selling out everybody along the way

Charming us with sugar-coated lies.

Drugs, alcohol, gambling, exercise, and pills

Sex, shopping, fighting, and vaping.

No limits to the madness, anything is game

It should all be yours for the taking.

How much longer like this can you go

Because, baby, I’m all tapped out

There’s not a flicker of fight left within

My faith replaced with doubt.

Tantrum all you want, screaming and accusing

I took the blame far too long for you.

The anger fueling these obsessions won’t subside

I’m left damaged, abandoned, without a clue.

Your self-destruction is killing me

Bruised and defeated, I lay here weeping

How can someone be this way

Oblivious of their unresolved wounds seeping?

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